TREE-4 (manual paper, MANUAL PRINT, manual binding)
Green object. Sustainable product.

Mini books made of three pages of hand recycled paper of various colours: 
  • cover: 6x4 cm, hard manual paper, manual print with the text ”plant me!” and a variety of 16 drawings.
  • interior: 6x4 cm, hard manual paper. 
  • seed: 3x4 cm, very hard manual paper (2-3 mm) with clover seed inserted.
  • manual binding with twisted cord. 

5 lei / 1 piece
4 lei / 100 pieces
2 lei / 1000 pieces
1,5 lei / 5000 pieces

Good to germinate!
Good to order. Individual or quantities.

More info and orders at, +40728 516 800, Răzvan

 photos by AC


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