Libraryan 2.2. - new lamp design project

The support for the handmade paper can also become another model of your lamp.

The hard paper tube will be used for packaging. The industrial packaging paper used will be printed with a piece of art - drawings made for Libraryan project.

On the other side we will print a guide for the use of the object parts.

The price will be horrible - maximum 10E for the complete art object: 2 artworks on paper and 3 different lamp shades in a single tube.

Tube dimensions: 30 cm L, 10 cm diameter.

The paper artworks, depending on your chose, can be framed and used as an original art object on your home or office art wall.

Of course, on the handmade paper we can watermark or hand printing your own sign (mark, logo, poetry or whatever you can imagine).

We can also give you your favorite handmade paper colour. And once more, we can insert in the paper pulp other materials. Maybe some flowers or some special seeds. Or some natural silk at your choice. You decide.

 ask for price by or by +40728 516 800

photos by Atelierul de Carte

LUMINISH. The light from the woods. True story.  

more info about LUMINISH
more lamp shades

“Small Recycled Paper Manufactory in Bucharest”, LUMINISH, a project of the Association of Craftsmen Order, is supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, in the frame of Green Industry Innovation Program Romania.


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