moon flower seeds
bleached fibers handmade paper
hand recycled paper
old ceramic socket
classic socket
used screw
waste wood pieces recycled painted with washable synthetic colour
max 60W 
classic bulb 
warm light power
25x40x110 cm
you can cultivate the seeds using exclusively frontal daily sprayed water

 ask for price by luminish@luminish.com or by +40728 516 800

 photos by Atelierul de Carte

LUMINISH. The light from the woods. True story.  

more info about LUMINISH
more lamp shades

“Small Recycled Paper Manufactory in Bucharest”, LUMINISH, a project of the Association of Craftsmen Order, is supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, in the frame of Green Industry Innovation Program Romania.

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